The Corporate nomenclature of the business entity STE SONEDIS SARL emanates from SOCIETE NEW DISTRIBUTION SARL, the abbreviation which is tailored towards the French acronym of Limited Liability Company (Societé a Responsibilité Limité) to suit the bilingual and bicultural status of Cameroon, a country of investment attractiveness.

SONEDIS was founded by Mr. TUMENTA Emmanuel in the year 2011as a family limited liability enterprise with himself and his biological children constituting the majority shareholders and managers of the company. The enterprise started with a limited social capital of FCFA 20,000, 000 and when it started growing and expanding to broader business services, the social capital was increased to FCFA 50,000, 000 and as of the year 2015, the company was rocking towards an operating capital of more than FCFA 100,000,000 made up of both equity and debenture. At the early start of business activities, SONEDIS was involved in whole sales and distribution of mostly direct consumer goods like soap, detergents, sugar, milk, biscuits, vegetable oil, can drinks, exercise books and other household consumable goods. As the business grew large, SONEDIS expanded the services to regional and international levels by importing, exporting, distributing most of the consumer goods and services using more professional distribution channels with well equipped human and material logistics.

Today, it has employed about 20 permanent personnel to handle administrative, accounting, sales and running of the day to day activities of the business. SONEDIS has several international business partners and reputable foreign manufacturers in Europe and Asia to meet its growing demand from an estimated 3000 wholesale customers and approximately 20 million targeted periodic average individual customers within the Central African Sub region which it has exclusivity in the distribution of some agricultural inputs like pesticides, fungicides, conventional fertilizers,AGRODYKE multipurpose organic fertilizers, organic food supplements or nutrition for all animals and birds called TRYPI, Darling Mother rice, one mark of vegetable oil and other products on the pipeline to sign exclusive distribution contracts.

SONEDIS has within the past three years made remarkable presence in international trade fairs in Indonesia, China and India to establish more reliable international business partnerships with reputable manufacturing and exporting companies of these countries. SONEDIS SARL in its continuous search to improve on its services of importation, exportation and distribution of consumables and agricultural inputs delegated its Operations and sales manager Mr Dehlah Jerry in October 2015 to take part in an international business bonanza in Jakarta. In the course of which, the representative of SONEDIS took part in the seminars and business matching meetings in the KEMAYORAN trade tower where he got in touch with many manufacturing companies and investors in Indonesia and other countries of the world. Out of the series of stands visited, that of Madani Niaga Nusantara (MNN) which is a member of the group PT Dahliah Duta Utama, one of the spectacular manufacturers of organic fertilizers in Indonesia caught the attention of Mr Dehlah Jerry who was interested in the innovative agricultural domain. The meeting and business exchanges with the managers of MNN and PT Dahliah Duta Utama in Jakarta for four days paved the way for an exclusive contract of international business representation, importation and distribution of Agrodyke multipurpose organic fertilizer within the CEMAC sub region and some countries of West Africa like Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo and Benin to be drafted and signed between DDU in Jakarta and SONEDIS in Douala. Several foreign partners have been contacted and negotiations are ongoing to establish more products distribution in Central Africa through SONEDIS.