WHY FARMERS, Agro Industrial business investors and everybody SHOULD CHOOSE AGRODYKE multipurpose organic fertilizer: Agrodyke is an integrated modern technologically refined non toxic and non poisonous organic fertilizer which has fungicide, pesticide, crop yield booster, soil enhancer, soil decomposer and has the following key comparative advantages on all crops:
1.Stimulates all crops and plants to produce more flowers, sustained till harvesting and save a lot of energy
2.Prevent and eliminate completely Black Pods Cocoa diseases, stem cancers and Capsis / Vascular stem Die Back infections and at same time when applied on the soil, it activates microbes & organisms in soil to support plant growth
3.Increases yield up to 40% with the best quality and works under all climatic conditions.
4.Decreases production cost up to 50% making farmers to spend less on inputs and yet have better harvests.
5.Improves soil quality and neutralizes soil PH, prevent leaching and lose of soil texture.
6.Increases durability of crops against pests and diseases since AGRODYKE acts as fungicide and pesticide when mixed with conventional pesticides and sprayed on the cash crops like cocoa, palms, coffee, plantain, rice, tomatoes, water melon, pawpaw, pineapple, rubber etc.
7.Reduces the use of conventional fertilizer and other chemicals by up to 60%_70%
8.Accelerate plant growth and improves soil fertility as it acts as bio stimulant and soil enhancer at same time.
9.Activates broken or worn out tissues and cells of plants that have been damaged by fungi or pests or old age.
10.Organic harvest results with no chemical residues nor heavy metals, AGRODYKE is not poisonous to human and animals, friendly to ecosystem.
11.Agrodyke has a unique characteristic to banish pests and fungi sustainably due to it organic and friendly nature to uphold the symbiotic natural state of ecosystem
12.Reinforces the immune system of plants and shields it against exogenous and systemic attacks. AGRODYKE prevent plant abortion and transform male flowers to female flowers on oil palms and other crops.
12.Restores unproductive conition to back up plants, give more nutrients and chlorophyll to the leaves and developing fruits.
13.Repairs and rejuvenate broken tissues and cells of the plants, making old ageing farms to become young and more productive, for example moving cocoa production from 0.5 ton per hectare to at least 1.5 tons per hectare harvest of organic cocoa, in rice we have moved rice production in UNVDA Ndop Agrodyke pilot farm from 3 tons per hectare to 8 tons per hectare during the 2017 rice farming season which was harvested on 3rd January 2018 by the production department of UNVDA. Increases the harvesting cycles of tomatoes and vegetables from 5 weeks to 9 weeks of harvests.
14) AGRODYKE can be used for storage and preservation of final harvests to prevent wivering and spoilage or to increase the durability of fruit crops after harvest.
15) AGRODYKE expiry period from analytical scientific laboratory results is at least 20 years when stored in a dry environment.
16) AGRODYKE can be mixed with local manure like animals droppings, saw dust, compound waste or Urea, NPK, or any media and applied around the crop as fertilizer.
17) AGRODYKE is also applied in soluble form mixed with water in spraying cans and sprayed on all crops for easy absorption and fast results 40 to 100 grams of AGRODYKE mixed in 15 to 20 litres of water depending on the kinds of crops and it’s age. See our User manual and catalogues of AGRODYKE to follow instructions on how to effectively use the product on different crops. You can watch videos of AGRODYKE performances on You Tube or visit our website below. AGRODYKE Simply the best for all farming solutions.
SONEDIS SARL Douala has done great job with AGRODYKE on big farms like the Mukete Estates in Kumba, Ni John Fru Ndi mixed farms in Woum, Vincent Ndumuh ‘s arish potatoes farms in Bda, Achidi Ashu Rock Farm in Santa, UNVDA rice in Ndop, MEDINO North West, SODICAO in Yaounde, Ekata Mvondo cocoa farms in Mvomeka South Region, Tomatoes and beans farms in Foumbot, Dschang, Balikumbat, Baligashu, Bafanji, Bambalang, Kumbo cooperatives, Nkambe, Tole Tea, North West Cooperative, PITMA rice in Woum, Babungo fon palace fruit trees, Mamfe, Buea / MueaTomatoes Tiko seed farms, extensive coverage of AGRODYKE in Kumba, Yoke, Malende Muyuka, Etam, Tombel, Ebonji, Ekata, Bafia, Lykoko, Muyenge, Kototo, Muele, Ndian Division where all the farmers are satisfied with the amazing results of AGRODYKE either on cocoa, palms, plantain or maize and many other farming zones in and out of Cameroon

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