SONEDIS SARL is a CAMEROONIAN based indigenous company with registered office at Bonaberi Douala, Wouri Division of the Littoral Region, and the main Operations office located at Boulevard De La Liberté – Akwa, Douala in the Republic of Cameroon.  The company was incorporated under the Harmonized Business Law of Africa (OHADA), with the principal objectives of providing importation, exportation, distribution, logistics as well as Business CONSULTING and PROCUREMENT SERVICES, to both the Public and Private Sectors in the Republic of Cameroon, the other CEMAC countries (Gabon, Central African Republic, Tchad, Congo and Equatorial Guinea , as well as to International Corporations and Organizations with agencies within the Central African sub region (CEMAC).

The top management team is comprised of:

  • A fourteen year experienced Production Manager and Financial Management Professional with an MBA in Financial Management plus an MSc in Management whose position in SONEDIS is -the CHAIRMAN and Managing Director: Mr. TUMENTA E
  • A Professional Private University trainer, serving as the Operations & Sales Manager with an MBA in International Business Management plus an MSc in Banking and Finance, pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA); Mr. Dehlah Jerry who occupy the position of Executive Director in charge Operations and Sales Management has created an entrepreneurial platform called Success Business Club to connect members to numerous opportunities in the world and to optimize their talents practically.
  • An Accountant with a Master degree in Accounting; Mr. Fongang
  • An executive secretary
  • A legal Expert — as a Legal Adviser
  • One main teller or cashier
  • Ten mobile sale forces/ Commercial agents in different target basins
  • Three Drivers and two clerical staff.
  • Several daily hired labourers for loading and offloading of SONEDIS trucks