To develop a World-Class Business Club enshrined on the bed rock of holistic SUCCESS and PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY where members will be orientated, trained, mentored and inspired to becoming hard working and successful Lifetime Millionaires from different sectors of business activities so as to positively impact their communities.

 To group people in our society who have the dream and ambitions of having a call to a vocation such as owning or running a lifetime business, managing businesses, producing, buying &selling, intermediating or engaging into any income generating activity whether they are educated or not, we shall inspire, train, mentor and equip them with the secrets and skills of starting a business or any value adding vocation and succeeding in it with even little or no physical capital.
 To create a Level Practical vocational and Business Play Ground where Ideas, Skills, talents and Opportunities are harnessed for the benefit of all.
 To strengthen existing businesses by drawing them closer to more customers and helping to minimize business losses through our professional business management system.
 To create Employment strategies and Opportunities for the youths and school graduates of our communities by connecting them to employers as well as teaching them the principle of‘‘learning by doing’’ for self employment and personal motivation.
 To Raise a New Breed of diverse Entrepreneurs and Professional Exporters, Importers and industrialists who will take the Continent by Storm.
 To Provide Access to Local and International Markets for Our Members. Make products and services of our members accessible for sale and purchase to our members.
 Involve and integrate those of our members who are still unemployed to work as agents of recommendation/ commercial referrals to buyers of products of our partner companies against payment of post purchase commissions and bonuses.
 To provide jobs to our members by teaching and empowering them with flexible methods of creating permanent and reliable jobs that can generate more income to better their social and economic status in the society.
 To bridge the gap between the Public Sector and the Private Sector, Corroborate Government initiatives of ameliorating living standards and poverty alleviation in an atmosphere of Peace and Respect of the Law for a sustainable Economic Growth and Development of Cameroon.


  • Through our business meetings, trainings, workshops, symposiums, conferences and field visits, our members are inspired, mentored, trained and equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify their hidden talents. This will enable members maximize the opportunities in various sectors of the business & industrial economy.
  • We connect our members to hidden business opportunities via useful contacts sharing within the country and overseas and teach them the best strategies to grasp and make good use of the business opportunities. We connect sellers to buyers and recommend to buyers where they can buy at very good prices and terms of payments.
  • Weinspire advice, train, mentor and encourage our members to start up small businesses and guide them on how to run the business successfully even with little or no reasonable physical capital. We are targeting funding of our projects from some international funding bodies once we have 1000 members.
  • We transform empty vessels to useful vessels by integrating each of our members to at least an activity that can create positive economic value directly or indirectly; it could be jobs, business opportunities, scholarships, fellowships or apprenticeship in our international networks.
  • We cannot achieve much alone, with our national and international partner firms, members can invest in lucrative projects and make fantastic returns within a short time.
  • We provideinternship programs within our business networks, strong business contacts, office spaces, and start up shops, warehouses and farms where our members can learn from before starting their own business.
  • We provide investment windows in the agricultural, mining, industrial and commercial sectors for those still working to create them an alternative and safe havens of preparing for the ‘‘rainy days’’ when they will retire from civil services.
  • We help members to have access to high quality products for business, seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and other farm inputs for their farms.
  • We provide our members the opportunities to travel abroad, meet foreign partners, participate in international business and investment forum so as to learn more about business and learn from global business ideas.
  • v We provide small business offices, shopping spaces, warehouses and farm lands where our members can either lease or buy to carry out business or agriculture.
  • We provide access to markets for farm produce, minerals, raw materials and finished products manufactured by our members both nationally and internationally.
  • We prepare strategic Business Plans and market feasibility reports that our members can use to start up a business and run it successfully and use it to lobby for loans from banks and funding from other financial resource providers.
  • We provide full mentorship and project appraisal programs to our club members to save them millions of mistakes in their business transactions.
  • We assist our international members and foreign investors who intend to extend their businesses in Africa to follow up the credibility and honesty of their business partners and representatives in Africa, assist in product registration, foreign investment feasibility studies, current economic reports and facts findings for foreign investors.


Continuous Learning through periodic meetings, business conferences, seminars, symposiums and strong commitment to our tasks and SMART objectives.

• Business Risk Minimization through our Consultancy platform of risk identification, hedging and periodic monitoring as well as reviewing of our business strategies.

• Collaborations and win-win partnerships, nationally and internationally as yard stick of fast and sustainable growth.

• Process efficiency and cost effectiveness in all our activities and services as tools of success.

• Accountability and transparency in all our transactions for the sake of public confidence.

• Honesty and integrity of our members as instruments of prosperity

• Consistency, reliability and time bound consciousness in our service delivery as ingredients to achieve long lasting customer loyalty.

• Faith in GOD through JESUS CHRIST for divine grace, Strengths and everlasting blessings of our work and efforts.


SUCCESS BUSINESS CLUB (SBC) concept is an innovative practical and ‘panaxiatic’ socio-economic business forum, underpinned by successful aspirations by its members through their resourcefulness, aimed at grouping together passionate people irrespective of age, sex, race, level of education or social class to harness and exchange strategic ideas, talents, creativity, share opportunities and useful contacts, learn practical strategies of succeeding in any life time vocation, connect its members to internships, employment opportunities, new businesses and multipleincome generating activities  like working on part time, referrals and networking on commission and bonus payments (diverse financial empowerment). It is simply the new realistic dream for Africans and Cameroonians in particular, to be fully integrated in to the win-win financial and economic globalization which is progressively breaking the yoke of the vicious cycle of poverty, ignorance, unemployment, financial and economic crisis that had repeatedly challenged the very existence of man in the social to live a happy life naturally pregnant with accomplishments and fulfillments.

This realistic entrepreneurship and industrial model has been meticulously designed by a group of dynamiceconomic operators and international Business Management Professionals under the stewardship of Dehlah JERRY (AMD SONEDIS CMR, MSc, MBA/DBA) as founder and driving anchor under the chairmanship of TUMENTA Emmanuel (CEO/MD SONEDIS CMR, MBA) and international patronage of PRAVEEN Kurup(MD of AL Zain Trading FZC UAE Dubai ,MBA). It is created as a gateway of pulling together business enterprises, ambitious individuals in schools orout of schools, job seekers, experienced and qualified professionals, technicians, civil servants from different sectors of the economy, future leaders and prospective managers, engineers and talented professionals. The model uses its engineers and professionals to orientate, mentor, coach and groom up ambitious Cameroonians and other nationals in the world who desire to make successful differences in the world of professional careers inspired by the exemplary legacies of successful Business icons and growth driven companies all over the world.

SUCCESS BUSINESS CLUB(SBC) is created with the prophetic aim of providing a long lasting breakthrough in the economic and social revival of Cameroon and other countries open to this network for global business development by revamping and modernizing the doing business strategies and practices as well as using flexible mechanisms to produce new metamorphosis of entrepreneurial spirits on the current android generation of today.

It should be well noted and spelled out clearly that this is however not a ‘‘get rich quick’’ scheme, but an effective means to empower those who desire to live their dreams of becoming successful vocational career actors such as business owners/ economic operators,

technicians, engineers, distinct managers of outstanding private companies and Para public organizations for their personal growth and the development of their community through hard work.

Our mission and objectives are well defined and we are open to the general public to counsel, advice and guide individuals and groups technically and professionally through our consultancy service upon booking and payment of a consultation fee of 5000FCFA. Payment can be done through our MTN Mobile money account Number: 675 405 348 anywhere in Cameroon or paid to any branch of AZIRE COOPERATIVE CREDIT UNION, Account Name: SONEDIS, Account number: 028337. Membership registration can be paid through any of these payment methods or by cash against a receipt in our operations office behind Hotel Le Nde Akwa,   Douala. In future, payments shall be made to some of our regional and divisional coordinators when such officials shall be installed and vested with the powers to coordinate the business club activities in their different areas.

Just imagine; it is estimated that over 197 million youths are unemployed globally and experts predict that this figure would have doubled in the next 10 years if nothing drastic is done.
Unemployment has become a global threat as many rich and powerful politicians engage the youths in nefarious activities. The Arab awakening is just one example of what will happen if the youths are left without hope for the future.
Our desire at SUCCESS Business Club is that all youths should be given the opportunity to express their dreams and to make the best of the energy, passion and skills they possess.
This opportunity should come in the form of practical vocational and entrepreneurial trainings that will equip them with the skills they require to be effective in any income generating activity.

SUCCESS Business Club has designed a flexible platform which addresses this issue. We equip youths with the requisite skills and also give them the opportunity to earn unlimited income by simply inviting their friends, colleagues, family members and the general public to register in our business club so that we can hold their hands and lead them to grasp their dream career and insertion into the business and economic practical laboratories. This model will not only give them the opportunity to be inspired and mentored to optimize their talents through different opportunities, but will also put the power in their hands to raise the capital they need to start, expand and grow their businesses to any level of their dreams which is the final goal in search of financial independence through our Business Club.

Therefore we invite you to be part of this success driven movement that is restoring the dignities of individuals, families, groups and start up business entities; a program that is shifting the focus of people from seeking jobs to creating their own enterprises where they can employ others and lead the world through financial independence.

A lot of people graduate from school with great hopes about post-graduation life.
While these hopes can, and hopefully will, be met – they need to realize
that times have changed, and success is no longer as ‘EASY’ to achieve
as it was many years ago. For this reason, graduates should arm
themselves with the following observations – things I was forced to
learn based on experience to prevent disappointment: