Advantages of Using Agrodyke Organic Fertilizer

Technical Aspects

  • Increases crop yield tremendously

  • Reduces manpower & labor cost

  • Practical and easy to apply

  • Results to high-quality organic harvests for export standard

  • Reactivates broken tissues and plant cells

  • Fights against bacteria, pests, and fungi in the soil, stems, leaves, fruits, stalks, and branches

  • Accelerates plant growth

  • Improves soil fertility and reconditions the soil naturally

  • Keeps up progress in time with PH balance; prevents soil leaching and erosion

  • Leaves no residue on the human system after consumption of food cultivated with Agrodyke Organic Fertilizer.

Environmental Benefits

  • Eco-friendly to the soil, air, water, living organisms and human beings. Non-toxic and non-poisonous to man and animals

  • Does not have any significant negative effects, from lab analysis, human/animals can lick and swallow

  • Activates microorganisms in the soil to instead nourish & support plant growth

  • Restores natural soil fertility & prevents soil depletion by chemicals

  • Upholds natural food chain

  • Reduces the use of chemical fertilizers by up to 60%

Socio-Economic Aspects

  • Comparatively increases harvests up to 40%

  • Cost effective as 6kg – 10kg can be applied to 1ha

  • Affordable prices and smaller packages (1kg, 500g, 200g) to meet the needs of all farmers

  • Increases yield, income, and wealth of farmers

  • Improves living standards of farmers and the community

  • Provides jobs and business opportunities

  • Improves nutrition and good health

Major Nutrients Composition

C- Organic18.12%Fe2694 ppmMo3.7 ppm
C / N Ratio24.16%Mn193 ppmAsNot detected
Nitrogen0.75%B129 ppmCoNot detected
P2O52.65%Cu48 ppmHgNot detected
K2O0.86%Zn25 ppmCdNot detected